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The MOTO Mini takes the global coverage of the MOTO Pro and breaks it down to market- specific manufacturer coverage. Packaged in a 7” Android tablet, OE-level software, including full bi-directional controls, calibrations and special functions are included - as are all the necessary cables and connectors and one year of free software updates! The MOTO Mini packs so much capabilities at an affordable price you can’t afford to be without it!

MOTO Mini: Welcome

Features & Benefits

  • Full System and Sub-system Coverage (Engine, ABS, Transmission, Body Controls, etc.)

  • Read & Clear Codes

  • Live Data

  • Full Bi-Directional Controls

Complete Special Functions:

  • ABS Brake Bleed

  • Service Resets (Oil, Brakes, Spark Plugs + more)

  • Adjustments (Idle, AFR, Throttle Position + more)

  • Calibrations (Traction, Lean Angle, Radio + more)


  • 7” Rugged Android Tablet for fast boot-up

  • Brand specific cables and connectors included

  • 1 year software updates & 1 year warranty

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MOTO Mini: Pro Gallery
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