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About Our Company

In 2008, CanDo Diagnostics was formed as a division in a much larger automotive aftermarket tools manufacturer and was responsible for private labeling diagnostic tools for companies such as Napa and Autozone. Fast forward to 2012-13 when C.A.R.B. mandated after-treatment systems for trucks and the A.R.B. mandated On-board diagnostics for class 4 thru 8 vehicles. A resulting boom for diagnostics for commercial vehicles ensues and CanDo Diagnostics is born. Today, we are based in Los Angeles, CA with research & development networks around the globe. We still focus the majority of our resources and manpower on developing cost-effective and easy-to-use diagnostic solutions for the commercial vehicle and off-highway equipment segments, however we are now pleased to introduce new and exciting products for passenger vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and personal watercraft as well.

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