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Cando Updates (January 2022)

• VCI v3.13 Optimize JAN 2022

o Optimized CAN mode

• APK v31122711 JAN 2022

o Added an interface to check whether the VCI is connected to the diagnosis interface.

• ALLISON v5.45 JAN 2022

o Patched: 2006 Allison gearbox reading data stream error.

• CAT v8.10 JAN 2022

o New functions: C7 truck special functions.

o New systems added: C9 336E engine system read data stream functions.

• CUMMINS v8.93 JAN 2022

o Optimization: Menu.

• MAN v7.25 JAN 2022

o Patched: Fixed steering angle calibration error.

• WABCO v6.51 JAN 2022

o Added: TEBS-E system entr