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FORD TRUCK (16 PIN) v10.81 OCT 2021 o New functions added: Diesel particulate filter static regeneration. o New functions added: Gearbox shift fork system learning and clutch system learning. o Patched: Fixed the communication interruption problem of reset the diesel particulate filter learned values. o Patched: Fixed the problem of non-response judgment of power balance entry command. o Patched: Data length issue of injector quantity adjustment write command. o Patched: Problem of the actuation test not responding. · WABCO v6.50 OCT 2021 o Optimized: Optimize menu structure. o Optimized: Optimize the logic flow of some functions. o New functions added: Added the function of detecting system type by equipment number. o New functions added: Added 18 new systems, including basic functions. · CAT v8.00 OCT 2021 o Patched: R1300, 311C Clear DTC functions. o Patched: 336D2 GC Read Data Stream functions. o New functions added: Hyd Pump Control 322C Configuration special functions. · SPRINTER v7.40 OCT 2021 o New systems added: Sprinter-Vito 639/N3/9, N3/26 system special function, Adjustment of injector injection quantities / Injector shutoff. · CASE v6.51 JULY 2021 o Adapt vehicle type, and reissue version. · NEW HOLLAND v6.51 JULY 2021 o Adapt vehicle type, and reissue version. o New systems added: New Holland (AG) SKID STEER LOADERS L218 L220 Series skid steer (Tier 4 ISM DI Engine) · EATON v5.20 JULY 2021 o Patched: Grade Sensor Calibration (J1708) failure. o Patched: Driver Interface Reset Utility (J1708) failure. o New functions added: Service Routines (J1708) § Calibrate Clutch. § Clear Clutch Data. § Output Override Utility. § Park Pawl(T-Handle) Calibration. · MAN v7.22 JULY 2021 o New functions added: ESP sensor calibration and valve clearance functions o Patched: ECAS 2 WABCO system ECU response. o Patched: EDC17 system trouble code undefined. o Patched: EBS 5 KNORR BREMSE system inaccurate reading of data stream value. o Patched: Instrument system does not respond to the action tests.

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