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HD Mobile II

Introducing the HD Mobile II

Transform your Smart Device - iOS or Android - into a powerful class 4-8 code scanner with DPF Reset and Regen capabilities! It also works on OBDII engine diagnostics for passenger cars and light trucks!

Say Never Again to getting stuck in limp mode - or worse - stranded on the side of the road, just because you need a DPF reset or regen! With the HD Mobile II, you can diagnose trouble codes, clear them, look at live data and perform DPF resets and regens!

HD Mobile II: Welcome

Features & Benefits

  • DPF Resets & Regens for Detroit, Cummins, Fuso, Mack, Volvo, Isuzu, International, Paccar & HINO

  • Read & Clear Codes for J1708, 11939 and OBDII

  • Live Data with Data Logging

  • Capabilities

  • Works with iOS and Android

  • Class 4-8 Coverage

  • Light-Medium Duty Coverage

  • Caterpillar On and Off-highway

  • Easy to use interface

  • Comes with 6, 9, 16-pin and CAT

  • Free Application

  • Free Updates

HD Mobile II: List
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